GoFun loyalty System

A complete QR code loyalty program, with mobile web, iOS and Android deployment

-Collect points and pay for items all with your phone.

-Check your balance on any mobile device.

-QR code scanning on both iOS and Android.

-In both English and Chinese

Sears Mobile Web

Complete mobile web e-commerce. Supported on iOS and Android browsers.

-Full interactive ad carousel.

-Popup and zoom functionality.

-Buy a fridge on your phone.

-In both English and French

Astro Dating 2012

In relationships timing is essential. Improve your chances for successful dating by letting Astro Dating 2012 help you choose the best time for a rendezvous. Check how the stars rate for your potential romantic encounters and get helpful information on your date's personality.*

-Forecasts for both 2011 and 2012

-Based on the predictions by world renown astrologers

-Up-to-the-minute accuracy

-10-star rating system for your date

-Detailed description of the moons effect on your relationships.

-Works around the world - accounts for the lunar position in your timezone.

-over 1 million possible combinations

*Disclaimer Astro Dating is for entertainment purposes only. Astro Apps is not responsible for the outcome of dates.

Mobile My Quotes

Mobile My Quotes on the large iPad screen is full of features that make print estimating with your clients fast and fun. The Multi-Touch Precision interface gives you the control to make the perfect printing quote to your client while hiding your wholesale cost of printing. The mark up editor allows you to set your own custom mark up and only display the retail price to your clients when generating a quote from thousands on available print products. And discover many other features

-from custom mark up to lighting fast custom quotes

-that make Mobile My Quotes on iPad an amazing experience.


Have an urge to knock on wood? iKnock-Lite lets you touch wood of all different shades. Go ahead and reassure yourself by giving some wood a touch. Don't tempt fate and give some wood a knock!

iKnock-Lite is a "cut" above the rest, check out these amazing features:

-Over 20 different types of woods
-Unique sounds
-Vibration mode
-Random wood mode

Don't wait another minute - download this app now and knock on wood!

(Please note sounds are for entertainment purposes only, please do not use them to identify woods. Defy Entertainment does not take any responsibility for phones/property damaged using this application.)

Prep Any Where

This is a full detailed video solution for MAT 135, 2002 Term Test 1, prepared by Min Lee from PrepAnywhere. Now you can prepare your test on the go, in the library, with your iTouch or iPhone!

Study smart, study effectively with PrepAnywhere for MAT 135

The app contains 10 videos for the 10 multiple choice questions in Part A of the midterm


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info (at) defyent.com

About us

Defy Entertainment was founded in 2006.
It's goal is to produce high quality applications for mobile and web environments.

This is me interviewing at Google SF.

Websites and Applications

Little Programs

Simple clock app that tells you the time every hour. No longer works due to google API change.

Simple app that shows occupies a tab/window title to keep you focused on what your doing.

Pet Questions
Q and A application with weighting in php, only "Beds" has a quiz.

Phone Fart
Simple app that calls and farts into the ear of the target. (Broken) Uses twilio, php and mysql.

Super Hero List
Shows the heroes of the alphabet. Uses zend framework, rest API, mysql and php.

Real Wood Knocker
Application that knocks on real wood from the internet. This uses an arduino board, solenoid php, python, and mysql to create a real wood knocker.

Astro Date
This application lets you know if it's a good day to have a date.

Scribe Mob v1
This application allows for real time transcription using humans.